Biofeedback 101

When you look at the structure of an atom, you see the protons and neutrons in the center with the electrons on a rotational pathway constantly moving around the outside. That rotation creates a subtle vibration. Our tissue is made up of trillions of these cells, so when you have the vibrational pattern from trillions of cells all working in tandem they create a frequency pattern that the biofeedback system is able to read. 

So, for example, if we look at the liver and its cell structure, there's an optimal frequency it should operate at under normal circumstances. What happens is that through diet, toxin exposure, bile imbalance, etc., the liver can be under stress which will change the frequency at which it is operating. Biofeedback is able to pick up on these changes and translate them so we can get a better understanding of what stressors are going on in the body at the time of the scan. During the first 15 minutes of the session, the biofeedback system will scan over 11,000 different aspects of the body that could be under stress. Think of it similarly to a 21-point check on your car. It's basically just a good maintenance system for the body so we can have a better foundation to start from on our wellness path.

 Our bodies are resilient and designed to be self-healing. In today's incredibly toxic and burdened environment, it's become harder and harder for our systems to bounce back especially if you follow a SAD diet of fast, overly-processed convenience foods. Now throw in the typical over-stimulating and stress inducing screen time, lack of nature and decreased healing sleep which is so typical and it's a recipe for disaster in the body. Not to mention whatever emotional/physical traumas we may also be carrying.

Biofeedback can not only help identify what some of your stressors are, but it can also (with frequency/energy therapy) communicate with the autonomic nervous system to help trigger the healing response in the body. So we can communicate with the liver or whatever aspect of the body is under stress and essentially remind it that it's gotten off track and needs to "wake up". 

Quantum Clarity Report

In each session, you'll receive a 36-page comprehensive report based on your individual session results. We will go over each section of the report together while balancing biofeedback therapy is being performed by the SCIO system.


Click below to view a sample report:

Sample Report