Your mama oasis awaits!

Welcome to the new intentional mama-spa where all the treatments are designed for you and what your ever-changing body needs. We've got you covered from head to toe with nourishing, non-toxic products to help relax and revive you because, let's face it, growing a human is exhausting!

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"Ain't got time for that" Mini Facial | $45

Super busy but just need a moment? This one's for you. Includes skin consult, double cleanse, mask, steam exfoliation and neck massage (because there's always time for a massage right?) 

Glow Baby Glow! Brightening Facial | $75

Turns out "Pregnancy Mask" isn't a spa treatment. Let's get your glow back with this customized treatment designed to reduce the appearance of melasma/hyperpigmentation and boost that radiant skin of yours! 

Ready to Pop! Hormonal Acne Facial | $75

You were told there'd be glowing but all you've got is acne and sweat right? I got you! This is a complete hormone balancing treatment using potent phytoestrogens to help balance the skin, regulate oil production, and reduces the bacteria causing breakouts.

Hot Mama Rejuvenating Facial | $80

Need a facial to help with that "I suffer from momsomnia" look? This stimulating facial helps perk up and brighten the skin leaving you looking well-rested and rejuvenated. The luxurious massage helps a little with that too.

Add-Ons and Extras

Happy Feet Foot Treatment  |  Add to any service $20 | Enjoy by itself $30

Enjoy a relaxing foot soak and hot stone massage to help relieve tired, swollen legs and feet. 

Glowing Belly Treatment |  Add to any service $20 | Enjoy by itself $30

This treatment is wonderful for helping with that growing baby belly. It includes a pre-treating cleanse, belly scrub and soothing butter massage to help prevent stretch marks and relieve any uncomfortable itching. 

Hair & Scalp Treatment |  Add to any service $15 | Enjoy by itself $25

This soothing hot oil hair treatment and scalp massage is not only extremely relaxing but oh so nourishing to the scalp and hair as it undergoes the many changes of pregnancy. It is extremely beneficial for those dealing with dry scalp and dehydration. 

Hot Stones    |  $15

Extractions | $5

* All products used are 100% organic and non-toxic to ensure you are exposed to the most potent and safest skincare possible.